What About the Days I Don't Know What to Share on Social Media?


When you are building a business, there are certain things you have to do on the daily. And, if you are anything like me, your day might kick off a bit like this:

  • Check and respond to emails while drinking your morning coffee

  • Check and prep to fulfill orders that came in overnight

  • Double check your to-do list for the day

  • Share on social media

  • Start cranking through your tasks

Done. Check. Done. And then…shit. What am I sharing today?

Your momentum comes a screeching halt because you did get around to scheduling a post for that day, you’ve got a sudden case of writer’s block or know what you want to say but don’t have the right photo. We’ve all been there. And, in fact, even though I plan out all of our posts – now that we’ve ramped up to 2 posts a day can leave me at a loss for words. So today, I wanted to talk about those days and share a few tips to help you get through that post and back to work!

Post about a happy client 

This should always be your go-to because it is perhaps the most powerful type of post you can share! Happy clients attract happy clients, so you can set yourself up for future success by sharing about the project. Whether that is a couple who wants to shout your name from the rooftops because you planned the perfect wedding for them or someone who is extremely proud about the new website you just designed for them, these types of stories are social proof that you are great at your job and that people don’t regret making the investment with you!

Post about your process

How you do your work is one of the things that makes you unique – so talk about it! Talk about the antique letterpress you invested in to produce your suites. Talk about how you go about pulling inspiration and creating mood boards for your projects. Talk about your client experience and all of the things you do to make sure you are WOWing your clients. Potential clients are, in fact, stalking you online – give them insight into how you do what it is you do.

Share a source of inspiration

One of the reasons you are even taking the time to share on social media is to inspire others and giving them a look into the places you find inspiration is always a great I-don’t-know-what-to-post-today type of post. Give the people, places, and things that get your creative juices flowing some recognition while showing your potential clients where you turn to for inspiration.

Talk about your goals or mission

Perhaps the most powerful type of post you can share (other than happy clients) is talking about what drives you. Why do you do what you do? What are your personal and professional goals? What is the mission of your business? People buy from people and giving them an intimate look into the “why” of your business is something you should do regularly.

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Tayler Cusick Hollman