4 Moments You Should Say Thank You as a Creative or Wedding Pro


When you’re a self-employed-hustlin’-hard wedding or creative professional, you quickly learn that the “it takes a village” mentality, holds as true to business ownership as it does to parenting. Because, even if you spend your days working at home (alone in your pjs), there is a community encouraging, supporting, and helping you rock the shit out of your business. So today, we wanted to spend a little time talking about the importance and impact saying “thank you” can have on your cheer squad. Read on to see what 4 moments we think deserve the extra effort and why.

When a client books you

This might seem like a “duh” moment but you’d be surprised at how little it actually happens. We know that the start of any client project is a whirlwind of meetings, contracts, deposits, and emails, but what better way to set the tone for your client experience that with a thank you gift? There’s no need to go over the top – sending something as small as a hand-written note may not only be a sweet surprise to your new clients, but can help to make them feel good about the investment they just made in you!

When another pro sends you a business

Booking clients isn’t always easy (feast or famine, right?). So, giving back to the people who give to you is what makes the karmic world go ‘round.  Put in the effort to nurture the relationships with people who send you business – otherwise, that referral source is likely to dry up. But, this goes beyond a simple thank you! Treat them to lunch, attend industry events together, or just go out and find inspiration together to strengthen your relationship.

When another pro helps you wow your clients

That professional community of yours not only can be a huge help in keeping your calendar full, but with delivering the goods to your clients as well! Whether you’re a photographer who brings on a second shooter, a planner with a team of day-of assistants or have behind-the-scenes experts that work with you to bring something to life, sometimes you actually cannot deliver the goods without the help of others. So, for those I-get-by-with-a-little-help-from-my-friends moments, make sure you are letting them know that you appreciate them, their talent, and hard work to help you wow your clients! 

After finishing a project or event for a client

Your client experience doesn’t end the moment your clients get sent off or when the product hits their hands – it extends to your “off-boarding” process too! It is just as important to leave people feeling great about their experience in the weeks after you’ve collected final payments. Why? Because each of those happy clients can become a referral source for you, so just as keeping your business top of mind for potential clients is on the front end, doing the same on the backend works wonders! When you genuinely enjoyed working with someone, be sure to let them know it. A small gift delivered to their home with a note letting them know that you would love to work with any of their friends is a great way to close things out.


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Tayler Cusick Hollman