The Best Styling Props for Flat Lays


We’ve styled a flat lay or two here at Sourced Co. And, after shooting and styling 13 collections of stock photography (and we don’t even know how many flat lays) in less than a year, we’ve definitely honed in on our favorite styling tools. From things we’ve found around the house to one-of-a-kind pieces we’ve had to hunt down, finding the best props is a combination of building out a great styling kit as well as purchasing the perfect pieces on the fly. So today, we wanted to help you in your quest to find flat lay perfection with a list of what we consider to be must-haves. Read on to find out what the best props for flat lays are (in our humble opinion)!


Styling Props We Have in Our Kit

Even if our styling kit might be more of a styling arsenal, there are certain props that are worth keeping around.  Here are the styling props we find ourselves keeping, collecting, and continually using in flat lay shots.

  • Ribbon (not wired)

  • Small colored pieces of paper

  • Different colored envelopes

  • Vintage stamps

  • Acrylic styling blocks

  • Small ceramic dishes

  • Pieces of flatware

  • Miscellaneous glassware

  • Small marble platters

  • Dinner, salad, and side plates

  • Cloth or linen napkins

  • Coasters

  • Rock salt, juniper berries, and other spices

  • Yards of chiffon

  • Rings and earrings

  • Ring boxes

  • Votive candles

Pro-tip: When it comes to building your styling kit, be sure to only stock items that are neutral in color or are on-brand. These are pieces you are investing in, so make sure they are flexible enough to use over and over again. Otherwise, we might find yourself starting a rental company!

Styling Props We Pick up for Photoshoots

When we prep for a photoshoot, we start by picking up any kit items we need in the shoot’s color palette. Then, we make a grocery and flower mart run (or three) to purchase any perishable items we feel like styling with. The list might be short but, these items can make all of the difference! 

  • Loose blooms

  • Fresh fruit

  • Food items

Pro-tip: When you are picking up perishable props for flat lays, be sure to purchase 2-3x the amount you think you need. Flowers wilt, fruit oxidizes, and sometimes you need to try multiple times to get the perfect shot.

Want to play with some of the props we love to? Check out our “Get the Look” blog posts to find and shop the exact items we’ve used!

Tayler Cusick Hollman