Sourced Co. in the Wild / How Exhale Events Used Our Styled Stock on Their Website


We are always excited to see the creative ways our images are being used! From posts on social media to blog posts (and everything in between), there are so many ways that styled stock photography can help you check brand projects off of your list! And today, we are thrilled to show you how Pittsburgh wedding planners Exhale Events incorporated some of our stock images into their new website! Read on to learn what inspired them, their goals for their new website, and what images they used!


What inspired you to rebrand and build a new website?

Nicole McCann: I think as an artist, your brand constantly evolves. Katharine and I are very unique and different, so we needed some time to figure out who we were in the wedding market that we serve. We used our first full year of operations to get a better read on what services we did and did not want to offer as well as clients we enjoyed working with in terms of aesthetic. Now that we know who we are and the clients we want to work with, we wanted to build a website that fully mirrored that image.

What were your biggest goals with the redesign?

NM: To portray a fine art image that still tells our story. We both have east coast roots but as members of military families we both ended up in California for three years so we wanted to incorporate the west coast feel we came to know and love. It was important to showcase some of our top work that we’ve done and where we want to take our clients experience to.

Katharine Phillips: Also, we really wanted a site that we knew inside and out. We know there is still room for us to evolve and grow so we prioritized having a site that wouldn’t require us to wait on a designer for updates. We pretty much took a crash course on Squarespace and even though it took a lot of time (and pulling out hair) on our end, it was so worth it. As business owners, it’s invaluable to have complete control of your product. 

What was the process like of dreaming up what your new website would look like?

KP: Just like any of our projects start- with a brainstorm session (and a glass of vino in hand!) Similar to what we do for our client’s designs, we made a mood board that really spoke to both of us. We envisioned what our perfect office would look like, reviewed various color palettes and were able to create this beautiful blend that reflects Nicole’s girly and classic side blended with my artsy and trendy vibe.

NM: We also have a “fairy godmother” who really inspired us to look at who we are and showcase what we love so that we can continue to attract those dream clients. <3 ((And we can’t thank her enough!!))

Why did you use Sourced Co. images and graphics on your new website?

NM: Not every client that we have served reflects our style. Wedding day management, as opposed to our full planning clients, are exceptionally hard to control in terms of if they fit the Exhale brand, but we still enjoy working with them. We wanted our website to showcase where we want to be, not necessarily where we are. We have had some great showcase weddings and shoots, but the aesthetic of the images in Sourced Co. just enhanced our already growing library of work and provided us with some dream shots that worked well with our brand. 

How did you go about picking which ones you would use?

KP: We went through each collection to find the ones that look the best with our Instagram and if they fit our vibe and feel. There is such a wide variety of shots that we were able to find a few gems in each package and focused on those. The range of images is great for social and web, in addition to helping us out in our design boards for clients.

What do you love most about your new website?

NM: The custom look and feel, the airiness yet classic and contemporary vibes that have meshed together. We built this website ourselves so a lot of TLC and late nights went into the final product. The colors and images really speak to who Exhale is as a brand and where we are continuing to refine our clients to.

What are you and the team most excited about in the coming months?

NM: The new brides that our new website will hopefully attract. We’ve really taken the time to curate the best of the best in terms of our current body of work as well as showcase images we love in order to intentionally speak to the type of bride that we’d love to work with.

KP: I feel like we’ve finally rode out our “freshman year” so Nicole and I are feeling more comfortable and confident in our identity as Exhale, which I think will begin to open us up to a whole new world of opportunities!

We are so humbled to know that we played even the smallest part in helping Nicole and Katharine take their business to the next level! We are excited to see all that they accomplish in 2019 and can’t wait to hang next time they are in San Diego!

Tayler Cusick Hollman