3 Times You’re Better Off Using Stock Video (Rather Than Producing Your Own)


Unless you have been on a multi-year sabbatical in a very remote corner of the world, it’s very likely that you heard about the importance of incorporating video into your marketing and content strategies. From how it helps to reduce the bounce rate on your website to how it gets people to engage with your brand on social media, you’ve gotten the memo and are dying to tick it off of your shit-I-need-to-do-for-my-business list. The problem is -  your budget cries every time you ask it to fit in a video project. Shoot location, videographers, lighting, scripts, props, hair and makeup, wardrobe, and editing = dollars, dollars, dollars.

The truth is though, that not every video project on your list is worth a big investment. Yes, a beautiful brand video that features you and your team doing your thing is definitely worth the time, money, and effort. But, what about the smaller projects that (really) you just want to bang out and get done? That’s where stock video comes into play!

Whether you’re talking about videos that are a part of a campaign that already has a cost center, would take way too much planning to produce or might get swapped out in 6 months, there are plenty of reasons why stock video is the smarter choice. And today, we wanted to talk about 3 specific times you’re actually better off using stock video over producing your own. Read on to find out what they are and then go ahead and finally get it done already!

On Your Blog

It takes you long enough to even write a blog post, let alone produce a video to accompany it. Pair that with the fact that blogging is in your “this doesn’t cost me anything” bucket and the numbers can be hard to justify. But, including a video within the body of an optimized blog post is quickly becoming one of the most powerful content tools in your marketing toolbox – which makes it the perfect time to drop in a done-for-you stock video clip!

In Social Media Advertisements

When it comes to something that has a short life span, social media advertisements are close to the top of the list. Because, not only do you have to take seasonality into consideration, the Facebook algorithm prefers that you switch up your content once an ad has been served to any one person in your audience more than 4 times. (Yeah, didn’t know that? Go check the “Frequency” number in your ads manager STAT!) So, with the real potential to need to refresh your images and or video on a monthly basis, investing in custom videography can ad up quick. Instead, feel okay about changing things up with stock video clips that cost just $35 each.

Pssst…did you know we have vertical stock video clips too? That way, you can easily create ads that are native to Instagram Stories! 

In Certain Spots on Your Website

Back to that brand video you invested in. Showing off your brand video in a banner or video block on your homepage or about page is always a fantastic idea! But, in addition to getting potential customers to connect with the people behind your business, it is also important to (straight up) just get them to spend more time on your website. So, whether that is adding a video to a footer where your email list sign up button is, a video block to your process page or a video banner to keep people engaged on your services page, using stock video clips to supplement your brand video is a great way to get more bang for the bucks you spend!

Been wanting to add video to your toolbox but think it’s been too expensive? Head over to The Shop to peruse and pick up stock video clips for just $35 each!

Tayler Cusick Hollman