The Easiest Way to Incorporate Video into Your Digital Marketing Strategy


When you are running a wedding or creative business, trying to figure out ways to incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy is probably not what you sit and ponder on a regular basis. Rather, it probably stresses you the eff out when you do think about it because it feels like such a big thing. (Starting with figuring out where all the video comes from in the first place.) But that’s the thing, it doesn’t have to stress you out and you can start modernizing your marketing strategies with video – without adding a ton of work to your already full plate.

It’s important for you to be leveraging the power of video when you are marketing your business and that is why we are so excited to be releasing an entire collection of stock video clips on September 1st! And today, we wanted to talk about the easiest way for you to start utilizing them before they launch, so you can hit the ground running. Read on to learn what the easiest way to incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy is and get ready to step up your game.

3 Easy Ways to Use Stock Video on Social Media

Revamping your content plan for social media is the easiest way to incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy. Because, not only is it a platform you are likely very comfortable with but your potential customer are likely on it as well. So, with a little more than a week to go before we set you up with more than 30 stock video clips to use, here are the 3 places on social media that you should plan on creating video content for.

Instagram Stories

Video on stories is pretty much becoming the standard and if you are already sharing behind the scenes or process driven videos (which, we hope you are), incorporating more designed content is the next. There are a ton of apps that make creating beautiful video content quick and easy, so all you need to do to get on this train is save our stock video clips to your camera roll and open them in your favorite app! From creating video stories to drive traffic to the link in your profile or sharing an exciting “sipe up,” our curated collection of stock video clips make it easy to incorporate produced video into your Stories content.

Instagram Posts

Algorithms are a bummer but they aren’t going anywhere. So, in a world where creating the most engaging experience you can is king – nothing gets people to stick around like video. Now, imagine how long you can get people to hang out and engage with your profile if you pair moving images with longer form captions. (We see you thinking over there. Yeah, pretty powerful stuff.) So, in those moments when you have something really important to share – be it an announcement about your services, updates about your availability, or exciting news about wins for your clients  – using a stock video clip as the visual hook to get people cozy up and stay for a while is a sure fire way to try and “beat the algorithm.”

Instagram Advertising

This one is for all you wedding pros out there - booking season is around the corner. Are you ready to go into marketing overdrive? Because, booking season is the perfect time to start getting your brand in front of newly engaged couples with video advertising on Instagram. Not only can you build the ads right in the Instagram app if you are pulling from a video you already shared as a post, but you can create targeted audiences and control the budget to make sure you’re not breaking the bank. Whether you are getting in the ad game by simply boosting a post or creating specific ad creative in the Facebook Ads Manager, our stock video clips are an inexpensive way to ad “advertiser” to your already impressive resume.

Want to learn more about our stock video clips and see some sneaks of what will be in the collection? Check it out here!

Tayler Cusick Hollman