Your Video Marketing Checklist


It doesn’t feel that long ago that video was something that you could only wish to have to market your business with. (Anyone else remember seeing the first few websites that really incorporated video and thinking, “How in the hell did they afford that?”) But, within the last year, using video to market your business has moved from the “nice to have” list to the “need to have” one. And, while you may fully understand that you need to start sharing video content, the path to actually getting there is far from clear.

Because knowing you should and knowing what to do are totally different things.

If you are working on refining (or creating) a marketing strategy to prep your business for booking season, you might be asking yourself, “Where does video fit in and how do I even go about creating what I need?” So today (and after months of figuring this out for ourselves), we thought it would be the perfect time to jump in with a roadmap! Read on and use this video marketing checklist to map out your video plan of attack!


The Tools You Need to Create Video Content:

  • A desktop program that allows you to easily trim (shorten) video clips as well as edit them together

  • A desktop program that makes it easy for you to overlay text on video

  • A desktop program that allows you to record your screen

  • An app and/or desktop program that makes it easy to work with vertical video clips

  • A place to host your videos

Our Favorite Video Tools:

  • Quicktime for trimming and splicing clips (desktop)

  • Keynote for overlaying text (desktop)

  • Unfold (app)

  • Mojo (app)

  • Loom for recording (desktop)

  • Vimeo for hosting (desktop)

Where You Can Use Video to Market Your Business:

  • A full width banner on the homepage of your website

  • Video blocks throughout your website

  • Pins for Pinterest

  • Posts for social media

  • Instagram Stories

  • Instructional or educational videos

  • Your blog

  • Social media advertisements

  • Retargeting advertisements

Which programs to use to create which video assets:

  • Quicktime and Vimeo to put video on your website or blog

  • Keynote or Unfold to create video pins for Pinterest

  • Unfold, Mojo or Instagram to create content for Stories

  • Loom to record instructional or educational videos

  • Quicktime, Keynote, Mojo or Unfold to create social media or retargeting advertisements

Ready to get to it but don’t have video content lying around? Don’t let that stop you! Head over to The Shop and peruse our stock video clips. And, we have some great tutorials to help you work with them and these programs.

Tayler Cusick Hollman