3 Ways to Use Styled Stock on Social Media


If one thing is for certain, it’s that social media stresses people out. From feeling like you’re not posting enough, not being real enough to not giving enough, tons of wedding professionals and creative business owners opt out of posting on a daily basis because they have scoured the depths of their portfolio and still come up empty handed. So today, we wanted to talk about 3 easy ways you can use styled stock photography to get yourself over that social media hump and posting like the pro you are!

1 // Instagram Stories

Love sharing on Instagram Stories as much as we do but want to zhush (is that how you spell it?) them up? Incorporating styled stock into your creative library is an easy way to upgrade the design of your stories! You can use photos and/or graphics as backgrounds in your favorite story-building apps to layer with text, videos or with images from your portfolio. Thinking “I do not have time to build stories in another app!” We hear ya! Simply overlay text directly on the image in Instagram Stories to give your words lots of visual interest. 

Pro-tip: Keep your favorite graphics or patterns on your camera roll for quick and easy access!

2 // Covers for Instagram Story Highlights

Using icons to create covers for Instagram Story Highlights is very on trend right now, but who wants to do the same thing as everyone else? Make your Story covers stand out by layering those icons on graphic fills or create a cohesive look with stock photography that matches your brand.

3 // Instagram and Facebook Posts

As a wedding professional or creative business owner, you’re not alone in feeling the pressure to post but continually being caught without a strong image to share. Styled stock photography is perfect for just those moments. Whether you want to take a moment to be vulnerable and talk about the highs and lows of being a business owner, share a story about a recent experience that (unfortunately) has no photographic evidence or want to support others by sharing your expertise, don’t not share just because nothing on your camera roll seems to be “pretty enough.” This is one of the reasons we started Sourced Co. – to make sure that other wedding professionals had access to time-saving stock photography that fits seamlessly into their brands.

Next time you’re in a social media rut, consider calling in some stock-photography-reinforcements to help you share your story, build your brand, and connect with your audience.

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Tayler Cusick Hollman