How to Use Styled Stock Photos to Market Your Wedding Business


The life of a wedding professional is a busy one. So busy, in fact, that if I had to pick one word to describe the experience, it was definitely be “hustle.” From making sure that you have above and beyond taken care of each of your couples to simultaneously managing every aspect of running a business, it comes as no surprise that wedding pros everywhere are looking for ways to do what they need to in less time but with exceptional quality.

And, in addition to finding ways to streamline your planning process and business management, shaving time off what it takes you to market your business is another place to save precious minutes (hello, more time for wine!). We often talk about how the perfect photo isn’t always in your portfolio of work, so today, we wanted to talk about another way to leverage our stock photos. Read on to learn how to use styled stock photos to market your wedding business and call it happy hour a bit early today!

Printed Marketing Materials

Even though the print industry is evolving, we happen to still be huge fans of it! (I mean, there is something oh-so satisfying about paper that we will never get over.) So, whether you are taking advantage of a great advertising opportunity, showcasing at an event or just hustling to get your name out there, here are our favorite ways to use stock photography in print marketing.

Brochures // A beautiful brochure to share with potential clients or vendors you’d like to build a great working relationship is an essential tool in your marketing toolbox. And, in addition to including your headshot, company logo, and a selection from your best portfolio, you can use graphic fills from our collections to add depth to your designs without distracting from what’s important – your work!

Promotional Flyers // If you are showcasing at a bridal show or professional event (or even pounding the pavement and doing some guerrilla marketing), having a promotional flyer that stands out is a must! And, since promotional flyers usually involve layering text over images, sometimes it can be hard to find a photo from your portfolio that doesn’t require you putting words over someone’s face. When we shoot each of our styled stock collections, we are careful to include lots of image options that have the white space you need to easily (and beautifully) add a headline, logo or a description of your services without having to write over the prettiest part of the photo.

Advertisements // Much like with promotional flyers, the image in an advertisement is meant to catch a potential client’s eye and get them to read your copy. Whether you need a great tablescape, stationery shot or floral bouquet to keep people from turning the page, you’ll find just what you need (regardless of your style) in one of our collections.

Business Cards // Attending networking events is a really important part of anyone’s marketing strategy, but especially when you are just starting out. And, having a business card that is well designed and printed on heavy paper is a great way to stand out. Use one our our graphic fills to add the extra umph to your business card and make a great first impression!

Digital Marketing Materials

Digital marketing has been a game changer for new and small businesses alike. First off, it can be as cheap as free as well as provide you with the metrics that print marketing and advertising opportunities can’t (hope you’re best friends with your Google Analytics account). So, when it comes to building your brand and marketing your business online, here are our favorite ways that styled stock photography can help you do that!

Social media posts // Social media is the go-to digital marketing channel for tons of wedding and small businesses out there, and for good reason. It’s free! But, in a world where standing out from the crowd or just keeping up with the pace of creating content can be overwhelming, styled stock photography can be a sanity saver! Whether you lean on styled stock for those moments you need to break up or transition your feed or as the visual to the talking point you have been dying to share, you can stop those potential clients in their swift-swiping tracks.

Stories // Instagram stories have fast become one of our favorite marketing channels because it gives us a space to be totally authentic without having to worry about how it might “mess up” our curated grid. But, like every other content channel, it is important to put effort into things in order to showcase your professional approach and brand aesthetic. Our images and graphics have absolutely helped us up our story game and think it’ll help you too!

Advertisements // Digital advertising is one of the most cost effective ways to start dabbling in paid placement. But, when you only have 400x400 pixels to play with, you have to make sure that you’re using that real estate wisely. Again, that’s where using images with built in white space to drop your perfectly crafted headline into comes into play. Use our images (have we mentioned that we love white space?) to make your ad copy stand out and get people to click through!

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Tayler Cusick Hollman