3 Reasons Acrylic Blocks are Better Styling Tools than Washi Tape


Over the past few years, it has become more and more important for wedding and creative professionals to refine their flat lay skills. Whether it is styling a hero shot for your real wedding submission or creating content that shows off your product and brand, flat lays have become an important tool in a business owner’s toolbox. And, as the shot itself has elevated in its importance, so has using the proper tools to get the job done. Today, then, we wanted to break down the biggest differences between having rolls of washi tape and styling blocks in your flat lay styling kit. Read on for 3 reasons acrylic styling blocks are better than washi tape (even if you loved using them in the past)!


They Have an Edge

If you ever styled a flat lay before, you know the feeling when everything has found its perfect place and you tell the room not to breathe! Because, after what may have felt like a creative feat, you’ve balanced, placed, stacked, and positioned each of your props exactly where they need to be for that gorgeous shot. But, your masterpiece might be a cookie that could crumble with the slightest move or breath - because you used something without an edge as your foundation. Yes, you managed to balance a roll of washi tape on its side to create some major depth or hold one of your props up, but why literally hold your breath (and cross your fingers) that it holds for the shot when you could have used a flat lay tool meant for the job? Our styling blocks have the 90 degree edges you can use to feel confident that your balancing act will hold longer than you can hold your breath.

They Come in Different Thickenesses and Sizes

Styling the perfect flat lay is about creating sum that is greater than each of its parts. So, in addition to having beautiful props and styling surfaces to work with, you need specific tools to help you create a focal point. When you are trying to tell a story without words, you need to show your “reader” what to pay attention to, and the easiest way to do that is by creating a visual hierarchy using height. Sure you could stack rolls of washi tape under the four corners of that stunning suite of stationery or you could use a ½ inch styling block specifically sized for the job – and then a ¼ inch block for the envelop and a 1/8 inch block for that vintage stamp. Between the 3 shapes in 8 sizes and 3 thickenesses (for a total of 13 unique pieces), there is a block for the job you need to get done.

You Can Use Them as Props

 We created our acrylic styling blocks to help you create interest and sometimes the prop you need to take your flat lay across the finish line is clear as day.  That’s why 4 of the sets we designed include blocks without our logo – so you can use them intentionally in your shot as a prop! Whether it’s offsetting your invitation card on the largest block from our stationery set so you just see the corner or using one of the ½ inch squares or round blocks to show off a gorgeous engagement ring, our styling blocks can pull double duty for you on shoot day. Can washi tape do that?

Ready to up your flat lay game? Learn more about our full line of acrylic styling blocks and snag yourself a set in The Shop!

Tayler Cusick Hollman