wedding cake stock PHOTOS

Can you believe it’s been almost a year since we launched Sourced Co.? The past 12 months have been a wild ride and we are so excited that this business baby is turning 1 on May 31st. Thank you to everyone who has cheered for us, collaborated with us, purchased from us, and kept us inspired along the way. Sourced Co. is a true labor of love and we are forever grateful for everything. So, let’s celebrate with our newest collection of styled stock photography -  Piece of Cake!


There are a few pieces that tend take center stage on a wedding day - and the cake is definitely one of them. So, we wanted to create a collection of styled stock photography that could help you put creative ideas center stage as you work with clients to design their big day or as you create content for your feeds.

A huge thank you to our friends Stevi of Hey There Cupcake! for creating such stunning cakes for us and to The Bloom Babes for inviting us to shoot in studio De la Flor!


Need some ideas about how to put these images to good use? Here are some quick projects and talking points the images from this collection are perfect for!

Talking about cutting and serving a wedding cake

Having conversations about how much cake your clients need to order

Sharing your experience setting up cake and dessert tables

Making updates to your website (specifically your process, services, and even your homepage)

Blogging about working with a cake designer

Describing your approach to design and incorporating it into the dessert offerings

because we play FAVORITES

These are the images that each of us dig the most.


Whether you’re working on something big or small, there are tons of ways to incorporate images from this collection into your brand! Use them as backgrounds in your Instagram stories, heroes for your blog posts, crop and use them to refresh your website, open them up in Photoshop or Canva and use them to create marketing materials for booking season. Whatever floats your boat, go ahead and do it - seriously!

Want access to the full collection? Start a subscription today or pick up select images and graphics in The Shop!