Acrylic Styling Blocks: 3 Piece Stationery Set

Acrylic Styling Blocks: 3 Piece Stationery Set


Up your flat lay game and style like a pro with these acrylic styling blocks. Made from clear/colorless acrylic, these styling blocks are sized for adding height and dimension to stationery flat lays. This set pairs perfectly with our original 12-piece set!

Perfect for photographers that are looking for styling blocks that don’t cast a color. Great for stationery designers to showcase their suites. Small enough for any wedding pro to add to their flat lay kit. See our styling blocks for stationery flat lays in action!

What you get:
- (1) 4x6 inch rectangular block at 1/2” thickness
- (1) 3x4 inch rectangular block at 1/4” thickness
- (1) 2.25x3 inch rectangular block at 1/8” thickness
- (1) microfiber cloth for cleaning
- 8” x 10” muslin drawstring bag for easy storage

**Please note that both the Add-on and Stationery Styling Block Sets are shipped to you with an adhesive covering on each piece to help protect the product during transport. Upon receipt, simply peel the covering off and you’re ready to go!

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