Acrylic Styling Blocks: 3 Piece Stationery Set (Pre-Order)

Acrylic Styling Blocks: 3 Piece Stationery Set (Pre-Order)


New to The Shop! Up your flat lay game and style like a pro with these acrylic styling blocks. Made from clear/colorless acrylic, these styling blocks are sized for adding height and dimension to stationery flat lays. This set pairs perfectly with our original 12-piece set!

Perfect for photographers that are looking for styling blocks that don’t cast a color. Great for stationery designers to showcase their suites. Small enough for any wedding pro to add to their wedding day kit!

What you get:
- (1) 4x6 inch rectangular block at 1/2” thickness
- (1) 3x4 inch rectangular block at 1/4” thickness
- (1) 2.25x3 inch rectangular block at 1/8” thickness
- (1) microfiber cloth for cleaning
- 8” x 10” muslin drawstring bag for easy storage

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*This set is open for pre-order until 11/15. We’ll be sending out the first batch of orders on 11/16 and then we’ll fulfill orders from there.

State sales tax where applicable. Please allow 5-7 business days for shipping & processing. Rush shipping available domestically. All sales are final.

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