rose stock PHOTOS

Meet our newest collection of styled stock photography - Ella Rose Farm! When you’re a small business owner, your days can be spent locked down at your desk. But, getting outside for some inspiration (and fresh air) isn’t just good for your brain - it’s good for your brand too! So, we took a field trip to Ella Rose Farm in the hills of San Diego, to shoot a collection that is oh-so-al-fresco. Plus, this entire collection was shot on film…because these gorgeous blooms deserved it!


Why did we shoot this collection of styled stock on film? Because we wanted to create a collection that was soft, romantic, and feminine all rolled into one! From capturing the prettiest petals, most touchable textures, and lushest light, we knew that digital photography wouldn’t do it justice - and because film! Need we say more?


Need some ideas about how to put these images to good use? Here are some quick projects and talking points the images from this collection are perfect for!

In mood boards for design projects

Having conversations about finding florals that are in season

Adding texture and depth to your website

Talking about where you go to find inspiration outside of your office

Sharing thoughts about working with local vendors

Writing about the floral design process

because we play FAVORITES

These are the images that each of us dig the most.


Whether you’re working on something big or small, there are tons of ways to incorporate images from this collection into your brand! Use them as backgrounds in your Instagram stories, heroes for your blog posts, crop and use them to refresh your website, open them up in Photoshop or Canva and use them to create marketing materials for booking season. Whatever floats your boat, go ahead and do it - seriously!

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