What makes Sourced Co. different from other styled stock photography sites?

We are different from other sites because as team of wedding pros, we seriously understand the highs and lows of running a wedding or creative business. That was what motivated us to start Sourced Co. in the first place. So, each month we create the imagery we know that will help you market your businesses and build your brand - the pretty is just the start! 

What is the difference between a monthly and annual subscription?

When you subscribe monthly , you get access to that month’s collection of images and graphics (75+ files). And, on the 1st of each month, we swap out the collection you have access to for the newest one! When you subscribe annually, you get access to every collection we have ever released which is thousands of images and graphics! We never remove collections from annual accounts and we add the new one on the 1st of every month.

How do I know if I need to purchase an extended license?

It's pretty simple, if you are a wedding professional or creative business owner and need images to build out your website, use for social media sharing, or your small business blog, then you are covered by the Standard License that is included with either of our subscriptions! If you are going to use our images in a print magazine, a physical or digital product you are selling, or on a monetized blog (meaning you make money off of your posts), then you’ll need to purchase an Extended License in The Shop. Have an ongoing need for images covered by an extended license? Shoot us an email to learn more about our agency level subscriptions.

Is there a way to see all of the images from your collections before starting a subscription?

We'd love to share a larger sample of our work with you! While we don't have a full gallery for you to preview on our website, you can see more samples on our Instagram feed or in The Shop.

Can I use a Sourced Co. stock image or stock video clip on/in a product I sell or offer? Such as an ebook, online or print magazine, or free download?

Yes! All you need to do is have an Extended License (available in The Shop as a License Upgrade). That gives you the ability to use Sourced Co. images in products just like those. You can learn more about what an Extended License covers here.

I am obsessed with one of your images, can I print it and use it to decorate my office?

For sure! Our image files are high resolution. We also recommend using a professional print lab like proDPI, Whitehouse Custom Color or Miller's.

Will I know what mood boards you are releasing next?

We think that being surprised each month is the fun of it! We'll send teasers to get you excited :)

What if I don't download any images for the month?

Sometimes life gets busy, but if you have an annual subscription, you always have access to our full archive of styled stock. So, even if you miss a month, you can hop in and grab images at any time. If you have a monthly subscription, you only have access to the current collection, so you'll need to download any images you want before the end of the month. Don't worry though, we'll send you a reminder email to do that every month!

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, of course. When you cancel a monthly subscription, you immediately lose access to your member page. We do not issue or pro-rate refunds on canceled accounts. If you want to cancel an annual subscription, be sure to do so before your subscription renews since we don’t issue partial refunds (we'll send you a reminder before your annual subscription renews as a heads up).

I love your style and need custom brand imagery for my business. Can I hire you?

We're flattered! We only take a very limited number of brand shoots a year since we are busy shooting new collections of styled stock. If you are interested in chatting through a potential project, you can get in touch with us a hello@sourcedco.com.

I love your style and want to hire you to shoot a spread for my magazine or publication. How do we connect?

(Insert squeals) You can get in touch with us at hello@sourcedco.com to chat through the details.

What is stock video and how can I use it?

Stock video is a general term for images that are made available for creative use with out having to credit the source. It is great for using on your website to help keep people spend more time on it, on social media to keep people engaged or in digital advertisements to catch people’s eye. Our clips include a standard license to you them when creating content for your own brand or you can purchase an extended license to use them in a client project.

What does it mean to be “royalty-free?”

Royalty-free simply means that you only have to pay for the stock video clip once and not for each time you use it.

What types of video files do you have?

There are two types of video files you’ll find in our collections: regular (what you're used to seeing on a TV), and vertical (what you're used to seeing on Instagram Stories, etc.). Regular clips are ideal for a lot of things like adding to your website, posting on social media, and anywhere else a video could add extra “wow!”. Vertical clips are ideal for Instagram Stories, or anything that might be exclusively viewed on a mobile device.

Are your stock video clips high resolution?

All of stock video clips form Sourced Co. are delivered in a resolution of 1080p, which is the most common and flexible high definition resolution available. This size and quality is ideal for all the ways you might use our clips, including on your website and in social media posts. This resolution keeps the file size minimal while still retaining a clear and crisp video quality. 

How do I resize a stock video file?

Resizing a video file (or "cropping") is usually automatically done within whatever app you might be using. For example, Unfold allows you to create different layouts utilizing video content and they automatically fit it to the space available. Instagram Stories allows you to easily pinch and zoom the video clip to be bigger or smaller. If you need to crop the video clip for a different size on your website, you'll likely need to use an editing program such as iMovie, Quicktime, or a professional platform.

Can I shorten the length of a stock video clip?

Yes! Shortening (or "trimming") a video clip is most easily done by selecting the video clip on your mobile device, and dragging the start and end points to the desired moments on the clip. We’ve put together a great tutorial to show you how here. You can also use a video editor such as iMovie or Quicktime to trim a single clip.

Can I overlay text on a stock video clip myself?

Yes! This can easily be done a couple of ways -  within Instagram Stories, within a video editor, or within a story making app like Unfold. Want to see how to do it in Unfold or directly in Instagram Stories? We’ve put together these great video tutorials to show you how to do it in Instagram and using Unfold.

Are all of your stock video clips in slow motion?

Yup. We think slow motion give the clips the dreamier look that wedding and creative clients like and they are more versatile in a lot of ways!  If you wanted to speed them up, you definitely can by opening the file in an editor and increasing the speed to 2x (or 200%). At that speed, it would pretty much be in real time.