The Content (defined below) is provided to you (“you” or “Licensee”) by Sourced Collective LLC, a California limited-liability company doing business as Sourced Co. (“Licensor”) subject to the terms of this agreement (“License”). The Content is protected by copyright and other applicable law. Any use of the Content other than as authorized under this License or Copyright Law is prohibited.

By exercising any rights to the Content, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms of this License. To the extent this License may be considered a contract, the Licensor grants you the rights contained herein in consideration of your acceptance of, and agreement to abide by, such terms and conditions.

Extended License EULA

1. Sourced Co. grants you a multi-seat, non-exclusive, non-transferable, license to use and reproduce vectors in the following ways, in addition to and including all Extended License applications.

a. You may use the Content on items (digital or hardcopy) for sale such as e-books, monetized blogs, magazines, catalogs, and editorial, books and book covers, product packaging, online courses or the like. You may use the content in applications for sale with no limitations regarding the number of copies or prints run.

b. You may use the content in website templates, document templates, wallpapers, screensavers, e-cards or similar products for resale with no limitations regarding the number of copies.

All other restrictions from the “not permitted” section from the Standard License still apply.

c. All license agreements prohibit the resale or re distribution of any part or element of the Content as a vector, or in any format that will allow a third party access to the file in digital vector format i.e EPS, Ai, Flash, SVG and the like.

For example, the Content can not be resold or distributed in a Flash template unless the flash elements have been converted to a non-vector format.

2.  The EULA Standard or Extended does not permit the use of any part of any purchased Sourced Co. Content on a competing website or business in any media format, or in any situation that may be regarded as a conflict of interest between Sourced Co. and the end user and or their use of our Content. Content is not permitted for use on fabric prints, t-shirts, home décor, and digital reproduction in non Vector formats (jpg, gif, bmp) on websites such as Cafepress or Digital Scrapbooking kits.

3. Your Multi-seat license gives you the option to share the vector(s) with other people within your organization or company, not limited by the number of users within your organization or company. You warrant that you will do your best to prevent third parties from duplicating the Content.

Note: This license may be updated from time to time to include relevant new and future media usage/applications. This agreement is retrospective and supersedes any previous versions or modifications. All users will be notified of major changes via email.

Termination. This License and the rights granted hereunder will terminate automatically upon any breach by you or another person within your organization/company of the terms of this License.

Revised May 31, 2018. This Agreement is revised from time to time. Please visit the home page of Sourced Co. to ensure that you are viewing the effective and most-current version of this Agreement.