coffee shop STOCK PHOTOS

If there is a business subculture that has become mainstream, it would be the throngs of people who work from coffee shops. And, not just for a quick coffee meeting or afternoon pick me up, we’re talking about the get-there-early-to-scope-out-a-seat-and-eat-two-meals-a-day there kind of people. You know - people like us!

Running a creative business and living that #smallbizlife has almost become synonymous with working at a coffee shop. Because, from escaping the pile of laundry you’ve been putting off to needing a space to meet a potential client for a consultation, there are lots of reasons why wedding and creative professionals don’t (or can’t) invest in office space. So, we wanted to celebrate and capture the beloved self-employed lifestyle with a collection of coffee shop stock photos that felt like your everyday!

A special thank you to our friends at Holsem Coffee in San Diego, for inviting us to shoot this collection in their gorgeous space!


Need some ideas about how to put these images to good use? Here are some quick projects and talking points the images from this collection are perfect for!

Talking about that #smallbizlife

Having conversations about meeting with clients

Making updates to your website (specifically your contact page)

Blogging about your booking process and what your clients can expect

Describing your experiences running a creative business

because we play FAVORITES

These are the images that each of us dig the most.


Whether you’re working on something big or small, there are tons of ways to incorporate images from this collection into your brand! Use them as backgrounds in your Instagram stories, heroes for your blog posts, crop and use them to refresh your website, open them up in Photoshop or Canva and use them to create marketing materials for booking season. Whatever floats your boat, go ahead and do it - seriously!

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