Easy Ways to Customize Stock Photography to Fit Your Brand


Nowadays, building a trusted and recognizable brand takes a lot of effort. Because (and you might feel this), it’s rare that a business isn’t trying to win customers or clients in a competition-free-vacuum. Rather, your brand is battling it out with multiple product or service providers on a daily basis; all vying for the same customer’s dollar. 

And, winning it can sometimes be a matter of branding – and how much you manage to put it out there.

In an age where branding, marketing, content, and technology all collide, consistently showing up and consistently building a cohesive brand can cause a lot of headaches. Because it takes effort and money. And, if you’re a small business owner reading this, you might be thinking, “Uh, yeah…and on top of that, I do not have extra time on my hands!” Yeah girl, we hear ya. 

So today, we wanted to talk about ways that you can use stock photos to consistently, cohesively, and quickly keep your brand showing up on the internet and seen by potential clients. Read on for 3 easy ways you can customize stock photography to fit (and build) your brand! 

Adjust or Edit the Color

Every brand has a visual component and photography style is one of the subtle (but recognizable) parts of it. Whether your style is soft and ethereal like film or darker and moody digital, editing styled stock photography can be as easy as opening up Instagram. Sure, you could open one of our images in Photoshop or Lightroom to give it a professional edit, but we did just talk about how you don’t have extra time on your hands – right? Simply open any of our stock photos in Instagram (or your favorite photo editing app for that matter) and mess around with the saturation, exposure or color balance to get it just right for your grid.

Overlay Text in Your Brand Font

If you’re a creative, you likely spent way too much time searching for the perfect font for your brand. And, after going down the rabbit hole, we 100% feel ya for wanting it to show up on everything! So, one of the easy ways you can customize stock photos to fit your brand is by overlaying text in your brand font. From announcements and pins for Pinterest to elements on your website and social media content, there is perhaps no easier way to keep your brand consistent than by showing off that fantastic font of yours!

We love how the team at Honeybook used one of our stock images to create a pin for this article written by our friends at LVL Academy!


Pair it with your portfolio or brand images

Fonts, colors, logos, and photography styles are all important elements of your brand but perhaps the one that is most powerful in building your reputation is your portfolio! And, even the most stunning portfolio images can use a little pick-me-up every once in a while. Whether you are designing a brochure or making updates to your website, sometimes you’re looking to add some depth to a design without detracting from your work. So, we love using stock images to help create that visual interest in a way that gives your portfolio more punch! Open up your portfolio image in an application like Canva and quickly layer it to create a cohesive brand look like the ladies at Exhale Events did for their website!


On the hunt for a few stock photos to customize to fit your brand? Check our stock photo shop and pick up what you need for just $15 an image!

Tayler Cusick Hollman