Custom Social Media Photography for One Hope Wines


One Hope wines was recently in need of product photography for their new Vintner Collection and asked us to shoot custom images for the launch! They were looking for on-brand flat lays and lifestyle shots, so we studied their Instagram feed and dreamed up some vignettes that would fit seamlessly into it: modern but casual, colorful but coordinated.

We pulled from our inventory of styling props, hit up our local market for fruits and flowers, and got to work! We shot everything in Tayler’s kitchen and actually ended up shooting most of the images with an iPhone in order to get the right feel for their feed!

Can you guess which photos are ours?


The photos we styled and shot are the ones in the upper left corner, the right side of the middle row, and the center photo in the bottom row.

It was so fun to approach this shoot with a specific goal and brand in mind! We’re thrilled that the One Hope team loved the images we sent them and are excited to shoot more custom photography for them!

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Tayler Cusick Hollman