New to The Shop! Acrylic Styling Blocks for Flat Lays


Acrylic Styling Blocks for Flat Lays

If you've ever styled a flat lay, you know that they're not as straight forward as they look. And, whether you've got all the time in the world to style one at a photoshoot or need to whip one together on a busy wedding day, sometimes getting your flat lay to not look flat can be a challenge. We've been there - fighting uneven surfaces or just wanting lift something without having to scrounge something weird to put underneath our paper (hello, loose change from the cupholder in our car).

Since launching Sourced Co. a few months ago, our days have been filled with flat lays and we needed a better solution than tea lights and loose change. Enter our new acrylic styling blocks!


What They Are: Laser cut acrylic styling blocks that are compact and colorless. Each set of 12 includes 2 sizes in 2 thicknesses and comes in a convenient drawstring bag.

Who They're For: Wedding planners, photographers, stationery designers, florists, and anyone who is creative at heart.

How to Use Them: Use them to lift props or paper elements when you’re styling shots! You can use them individually to add just a bit of dimension or stack them to add lots of height!

Want to snag yourself a set to have on hand? Head over to the Sourced Co. shop and purchase one for $38!

Tayler Cusick Hollman